Member’s Privilages

Ordinary Members Only CDFIs having operations in the State of Karnataka shall be eligible for consideration for becoming Ordinary Members of the Society.  Associate Members Any Person who is

  • Involved with CDFIs
  • Has operations in the State of Karnataka and
  • Satisfies the conditions prescribed by the Executive Committee from time to time shall be eligible for consideration for becoming Associate Members of the Society.

Honorary Members The Executive Committee may from time to time invite individuals of repute who could contribute to the growth of Community Development Finance and poverty alleviation programmes to be Honorary Members of the Society for such period as may be deemed appropriate. On acceptance of the invitation from the Executive Committee, the invitee shall become an Honorary Member of the Society. The Honorary Members shall not be required to pay any fee or charges.   Nominees of Members Each Ordinary and Associate Member of the Society shall from time to time nominate one of its executives (“Nominee”) to represent it with the Society. The Nominee shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the Members of the Society and exercise all powers conferred on such Member (including in respect of Ordinary Members, the right to contest for election to Executive Committee and exercise voting rights).

No person shall be entitled to be a Nominee for more than one Member. Honorary Members shall not have the right to appoint Nominees. In addition to a Nominee, each Ordinary and Associate Member may also appoint any of its associates an alternate to the Nominee (“Alternate”) who may exercise the rights available to the Nominee in lieu of the Nominee.

The appointment of Nominees and Alternates must be supported by a resolution of the governing body of the Member in the case of Members other than individuals and a copy of such resolution must be provided to the Society along with the nomination. The nomination of a Nominee and the Alternate shall remain in force till revoked by the Member by notification to the Society.

Upon such revocation, the Member shall appoint any other person as a Nominee / Alternate, as the case may be.
Presently, we invite Ordinary and Associate Membership only.   Member’s Privileges AKMI involves all its members in the activities. AKMI secretariat provides the necessary support for making these activities possible. Members meet once in 2 months to review activities and develop strategy in the respective thematic area. Participation in meetings is open to members only.

  Ordinary Members

  • Eligible to be elected for Governing Board and Sub-Group Head
  • Voting rights in General Body
  • Free Circulars/Newsletters, Books & Periodicals

 Associate Members

  • Eligible to be nominated for Governing Board
  • Free Circulars, Newsletters only

Membership Fee The annual fee for ordinary member is Rs. 5,000 and for associate members, the annual fees are Rs.10, 000 and no fees for honorary members. There is no separate entry fee. Fee is payable only after approval of membership.