Mission and Objective


To build the field of community development finance in Karnataka, to help its members and associate institutions to better serve low-income households, particularly women, in both rural and urban Karnataka and India, in their quest for establishing stable livelihoods and improving their quality of life. AKMI is registered under the Societies Act of 1860. The association started functioning since latter part of 2006 and finally was registered in the middle of November 2007.


    • To, initiate, promote, support, encourage, conduct and organise any and all forms of Community Development Finance and related activities.
    • To provide a forum for entities, organisations and individuals engaged directly or indirectly in the field of Community Development Finance in Karnataka, to meet, share and exchange their experiences, expertise and resources.
    • To work towards promoting co-operation amongst CDFIs and resolving conflicts amongst CDFIs and entities and organizations involved with CDFIs.
    • To serve as a catalyst for further building the field of Community Development Finance in Karnataka.
    • To strengthen the capacities of institutions involved in Community Development Finance through research, consultancy, publication and training in different aspects of Community Development Finance.
    • To establish linkages between members and resource institutions, such as funding agencies, financial institutions, rating agencies training, consultancy, academic and research institutions.
    • To work with other networks and coalitions of institutions involved in Community Development Finance.
    • To make representation to the Government of Karnataka, Government of India (GoI), the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and other regulatory and policy making bodies to promote institutions providing Community Development Finance and help create a favourable policy environment for such institutions, both at a State and National Level.
    • To assist bodies that support and represent institutions providing Community Development Finance.
    • To co-ordinate with other bodies and organizations whose objectives are similar to the objectives of the Society.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Fair Practices
  • Transparency
  • Quality of Services.

Our Affiliations

  • Sa-Dhan,
  • MFIN (Microfinance Institutions Network),
  • AKMI is invitee in State Level Banker Committee (SLBC) and regularly attending its quarterly meetings and participating in deliberations

Other than Microfinance

  • AKMI in association with all members organising different Social Activities like,
  • Multi-disciplinary health camps in communities.
  • Vocational training
  • Local community development projects
  • Facilities for ANGANAWADI and Government Schools like water drums, furniture, mats food storage
  • Distribution of free note books to students in village areas and urban areas.
  • Blood donations camps.
  • Flood relief activities.
  • Financial literacy campaigns.
  • Distribution of saplings from forest Dept to clients.
  • Primary educational services.