Workshop on Audit

AKMI has conducted full day Workshop on Audit at Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd., Bangalore. Workshop started with welcoming the participants by CEO and addressed by Mr Samit Ghosh, Chairman, AKMI. Head of different MFIs have taken initiative and presented different themes related to Audit Department.They are:-

  1. Addressing the Challenge of Meeting Guidelines on Multiple lending and role of Audit:
    Mr Guru Swamy from Chaitanya made the presentation. The presentation included introduction, reasons for problems, What Chaitanya does?
  2. Portfolio audit by Samasta MFI:
    The presentation was done by Mr Kanagavel. R from Samasta.  The subject includes, introduction, importance, Purpose, tracing individual, loans by H.O. to Borrowers and cross
    verification with other accounting records.
  3. The utility of Google drives in timely audit reporting across multiple stakeholders, simultaneously , harnessing Technology for Audit Reporting:
    The presentation was done by Mr Subbarao, supported by Mr Chandrasekhar and Mr Prakash Sundaram of FFSL.
  4.  Integration of Code of conduct & customer protection principles in the audit process of MFI:
    The presentation was done by Mr Parikshith and Supported by Mr Prakash of Grameenkoota
  5.  Post audit follow up and Conclusion of issues OR Risk-audit coordination to improve overall process control:
    The presentation done by Mr Sathamoorthy and supported by Ms Krishna Latha of Janalakshmi.
  6. Ensuring Effective Compliance” OR “Fraud Prevention:
    The presentation done by Mr Alagar Swamy and supported by Mr Premkumar of Ujjivan

After summing up of the entire day’s proceedings the feedback was collected

  • Subject covered was elaborative and good – Expressed by representative from Muthoot
  •  Need to invite external invitee for presentation- Expressed by representative from Micro Build
  •  Akmi is doing good work by conducting this type of workshop and other meetings. There is no such type of activities in Tamil Nadu also- Expressed by representative from Equitas
  • This type of workshops are like peer group discussions, it should be in workshop model.

Finally Mr Samit Ghosh- Chairman, AKMI given valedictory address.

The workshop was concluded with vote of thanks by CEO AKMI.