H R workshop at Ujjivan Office on 26/10/2013

It was decided in 6th AKMI AGM held on 26th Sep 2013 at Citadel Hotel- Bangalore to arrange different workshops based on the requirement especially on HR Matters, Fund rising and mobilisation, IT matters, Audit and Fraud Control, Statutory Compliance, CSR etc.

On 26th Oct 2013, the workshop was conducted on HR Matters at Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd., Bangalore. Around 30 participants were actively participated in the workshop and got benefit out of it. Workshop hosted by AKMI and heads of 3 MFIs i.e. Mr Vittal Rangan, from Ujjivan, Mr Thrishuli from Janalakshmi and Mr Amruthesh Shukla from Grameenkoota were taken the lead. Head of the HR dept were shared their own experiences along with several presentations which may using by them and useful to the participants.

There was very good interaction with participants and presenters. AKMI has received many compliments and suggestions to conduct this type of workshop in once in quarter.