Audit Workshop on 20.02.2015

Audit Workshop was held on 20.02.2015 at Ashirwad, Bangalore.

Shri K J Morab, CEO, AKMI welcomed all the participants and all the participants were introduced.

  1. 32 members from various mfis have participated in the workshop.(32 +3 from AKMI =total 35)
  2. Experts from GKFSL, UJJIVAN and Janalakshmi and Equitas were resource persons.
  3. The following topics covered in the Audit workshop.
  4. Identification, control, monitoring of risk, Prioritize the risk, and role of Internal Audit. PPT presented by Shri ‘Biju peter from Janalakshmi Mfi
  5. Audit case studies: PPT Presented by Shri Prakash from GKFSPL
  6. Audit system at Ujjivan: Presented by Shri Sekhar from Ujjivan.
  7. Risk audit and internal audit: Procedure followed at Equitas Mfi presented by Shri Sridhar, Head, operational Risk, Equitas
  8. Ombudsman activities and process by Shri Pamadi, Ombudsman AKMI

It was decided to conduct the next audit workshop by May end/ June 1st week of 2015.

The following topics will be discussed in the next workshop.

  1. Automation of risk auditing – to be presented by Shri Sambandamurthy, FFSL
  2. Various risk factors from recruitment to risk mitigation- to be presented by Ms. Tanushree, Nirantara