AKMI National Seminar on 09 Feb 2012

AKMI  in association with FKCCI  bangalore  has  conducted  one  seminar on 09th Feb 2012 at Hotel Lalith Ashok, Bangalore on the subject FINANCIAL INCLUSION CONVERGENCE OF EFFORTS.

The seminar focused on:

  • Measure achievement of financial inclusion and roles played by different stakeholders
  • Identify bottle necks in achieving financial inclusion and best practices to overcome
  • Examine the roles played by MFIs in financial inclusion and scope for the expansion of their efforts
  •  Enumerate the benefits of providing supportive regulatory frame work to MFIs to bring about financial inclusion by enacting Micro Finance Bill

The occasion was graced by Dr. VeerendraHeggade, Dharmadhikari, ShriKshetraDharmasthala and the Hon’ble Rural development and Panchayat Raj minister Shri jagadeesh Shetter..  The seminar was supported by Sa -Dhan and MFIN.

Representatatives from all MFIS in Karnataka ,Executives  from  Sa-Dhan  and  MFIN , various  GOVT  officials  , Executives  from SIDBI  Nabard  attended  the  seminar  and  it  was  a  grand  success